How I Learned To Paint Silver Linings

Many of us are experiencing turbulent times. When I listen for the patterns within our days, high highs, low lows, and other flavours of intensity are frequent tunes.

Forever a student of both change and peace, I’ve found this season of my life has provided me with profound lessons on both. These discoveries are new to me from the last few years, and for a change this futurist would like to look back in time. I still promise you a dose of the same originality of thought you love when hanging around my corner of the internet!

I wager also, that you’d relish a little opportunity to learn vicariously instead of through lived experience for just a moment? Perhaps, if you take what you need the universe will go easy on you in 2023… I hope so!


Find willingness
(instead of feeling forced)

I choose how I engage with that which I cannot control.

What I can choose is how I write this story in the book of my life. Imagining I chose this experience for myself, I’m able to discover the opportunity inside the challenge.

What gift can this situation allow me to experience?


Acting from my values
(instead of following what others do)

My values allow me to orient to satisfaction.

This enables me to motivate myself to lean in to the growth available and stay aligned within myself. I can feel confident I’m doing my best and this is enough.

How can my actions nurture what is most important to me?


Allocating focus time
(instead of letting challenges dictate my life)

Perhaps ironically, freedom cannot exist without boundaries that protect its edges.

Deciding exactly when and what is enough allows me to contain the projected energy of others, and significantly lessen tension and vulnerability within difficult circumstances. Here, I get to allow myself rest, fun, and permission to move forward joyfully with all other aspects of life.

When have I done enough?


Letting go
(instead of hypervigilance)

Delegating what happens next to the turning wheels of fortune so I can travel lightly into the future.

When proceedings unfold in a way I don’t expect, most frequently the outcome is better than I could’ve imagined. Before I can trust the unknown I need to feel in to why I am trying to avoid uncertainty in that moment.

What does my soul need me to feel, validate and forgive right now?


Keeping well
(instead of forgetting my needs)

I deserve to feel as incredible as I can in any moment.

Committing to prioritising me without any guilt. This one gets easier each time but is something I must very consciously initiate. My needs matter and when I look after myself mentally and physically I put myself in the best position to feel good. An important message from me to me – feeling well is my birthright in any situation.

Where can I create easy, simple, routines that enable my body and mind to be strong?


These learnings let me navigate stormy waters with inner and outer stability. I'll carry their wisdom with me forever and in any future challenge I know they'll enable the ease, solidarity, and joy I deserve. May they do this for you too. For more musings, follow the Reimaginers Instagram here.