AI Prompts for Midjourney

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Discover the incredible power of AI with Reimaginers Midjourney prompt templates!

These easy fill-in-the-blank templates make it a breeze to create unique content and elevate your creative vision. No longer do you need to know what to say to get AI to instantly deliver incredible pictures for every project.


  1. Fill in the blanks
  2. Copy and paste into Midjourney
  3. Amaze your audience

Designed by futurist and Reimaginers CEO Melissa Pepers, these AI Prompts will save you thousands reimagining your content creation. Create unique, sophisticated content that can't be found elsewhere (like generic stock image sites) so you are building your brand every time you publish content. Whilst Midjourney is our recommendation for its stand-out quality, they do also work on other image-generating AI.

What's more, I also teach you how to design your own prompts! With this guide, AI is the artist and you are the creative director.

Unlock the exploding potential of AI and take your projects to the next level when you download Reimaginers AI Prompts for Midjourney.