Pandemic Playbook Template

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I am obsessed with this template. It is hands down the best strategic template I've seen in relation to the pandemic and seasonality and I think every business should use it.

The Playbook is a strategy favourite. It is a powerful guide that defines a set of strategies that will be used in a given circumstance. If you've never come across this term before, picture the coach's whiteboard in your favourite sport at half-time. On that whiteboard is a play (a strategy for responding and thriving) that is part of a wider set of strategies that determine how that team will succeed in a given season. All these strategies make up a Playbook and Playbooks are found in all major strategy disciplines.

After creating and analysing many pivots and new launches during the pandemic I've developed a strategic approach based on my findings. My Pandemic Playbook Template will help you move out of the stress of reacting to last minute staff shortages, regulation shifts, and towards a clear and predictable way of operating that allows you to jump off the hamster wheel and prosper in your business – whatever that means for you.

   But don't just take it from me, take it from our VERY magical guest, who knows a thing or two about magic and sport...   


Why it's amazing:

  • Benefits any business regardless of global and local regulations
  • Arranged into simple bite-sized chunks, so that you can simply and easily set up your strategy whenever you get a spare moment
  • Expertly switch between changing rules that impact your business, whether they're changing dramatically at the last minute or incrementally over a longer term
  • Bin the uncertainty and reactivity by taking back your power as the leader of your business (instead of letting the circumstances lead you)
  • If you've never put the elements of your business in writing down before, you get to do that too
  • I've sprinkled prompts from my methodology throughout – the same type of questions I ask in Turning Points that catalyse your crazy ambitious ideas