• 1. Trends, ideas, impact & growth

    Understand what drives you, your team, those you serve, and the marketplace you operate in. Find your sweet spot in the middle of these competing arenas. Learn to qualify and evolve ideas based on their value to you.

  • 2. Strategic foresight & roadmapping

    The costliest mistakes are predictable. With Reimaginers, know what to avoid and what to double down on. Build a system that allows significant breakthrough innovations to be realised as your ordinary Wednesday.

  • 3. Branding & positioning

    Pinpoint your most viable target audiences with behavioural science backed frameworks. Make your messaging important enough to overcome personal objections and overwhelming lifestyles in a rising sea of alternatives.

Reimaginers has helped over 200+ brands launch never before seen innovations. Here's what they have to say:

And here's how I do it. Simply choose from the options below.

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Turning Points

Done with less-than-spectacular launches, hating your boring business, and being confused about what to do next? It’s time to step into the transformation cave and get your motivation and magic back.

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Melissa Pepers CEO of Reimaginers


Future Shapers

Work with Melissa to build the innovations that will define your organisations next era. From challenger brands designed to disrupt categories and stretch new markets, to innovations designed to access the high profitability of short term hype cycles – I'm an expert at reimagining today to create the resilient and wow-factor business models of tomorrow. Includes Turning Points access.

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All it takes is one truly unique speaker for an event to leave attendees buzzing for weeks. I bring thought-provoking perspectives, emerging global trends, and totally unique interactive experiences. It's my pleasure to leave everyone transformed.

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Hi, I'm Melissa. I built Reimaginers so visionaries like you never have another great idea that stays on a slide deck.

I'm a Business Designer and Futurist specialising in forecasting future trends and developing innovative services, products, and brands.

I'm here to ensure the 90,000 hours you spend at work actually achieve the impact you know is possible.

Let me be your secret catalyst for creating strategy that is relevant now and primed for future success – your boss will love you, especially if your boss is you.

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FREE Masterclass: How To Reimagine Your Niche

"Melissa gave us gold when we were just looking for silver" – Innovation director of global tech company. That was said after spending an hour with me, exploring the potential of nuanced, considered, niche innovation. You can spend an hour with me expanding your own perception of what is possible, and pushing the limits of your own pioneering anytime you like with my popular masterclass on reimagining niches.