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Reimaginers Magic Scroll

Reimaginers Magic Scroll

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Business is a pilgrimage.

When it's designed for impact, approached with intention, and operated from alignment – it takes you on a deep journey into the unknown. It's where a legacy is made.
You face old systems, old thinking, and roadblocks that are relics of the ineffective systems your work will put an end to. The journey is HARD, shaping you as much as you shape it.

I've been searching for a way to honour this experience. All that work that goes unacknowledged. That the way we design our business matters. Something to celebrate and elevate this invisible aspect of the business experience.

Enter the Reimaginers magic scroll…

In ancient Rajasthan, the most important and sacred messages were delivered in ornate scrolls. I worked with an India based handicrafts company to create handmade replicas of these vintage scrolls. They come with a panel that can be engraved, hold a sticker of your logo, or left as is. A wooden stand is also included for display and when sitting proudly in your office it's akin to an award statuette, inviting special conversation and a wink to all that you have achieved and all you are yet to call forth.

Your parchment is reimagined as holographic fabric! This is for the important message your business stands for. Ideas: a letter to future you, a story about how the world looks when changed by your business, your business vision, a headline from the future, your logo, magic flywheel, or archetypal symbol associated with what you do. To use: Remove the protective film on the holographic fabric, write or draw your message with the included Sharpie, and then store it rolled up in your scroll. It's so cool! 

Included: Metal Scroll, Wooden Stand, Holographic Fabric, Sharpie, Instructions, Love Letter From Reimaginers CEO Melissa

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